Prostate Cancer Hormonal Therapy Cuts Deaths, Report Says

According to a new review of men with aggressive prostate cancer, hormone-targeted therapy cuts the overall risk of death. It also does not increase the chances of men dying from cardiovascular disease, which some researchers suggested might be the case.

Dr. Paul Nguyen, lead author of the study from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Brigham and Women’s Hospital inBostonsaid; “I think that these results should be very reassuring for the majority of patient’s who are thinking of androgen deprivation therapy for their prostate cancer.”  The study consisted of 2,500 men that were treated with androgen deprivation therapy for three months or more, and 2,300 that were not. During the follow-up period, 38% of men undergoing hormone-targeted therapy died compared to the higher death rate of 44% of men who did not undergo hormone therapy. When the researchers looked specifically at the deaths caused by prostate cancer, they noted that 14% of men on hormone therapy died from prostate cancer, compared to 22% that were not. There was no extra risk of cardiovascular death from the hormones. “Our study does not leave ADT off the hook in terms of causing things like increased insulin resistance and diabetes. There could very well still be some adverse cardiovascular consequences that don’t lead to death.” Nguyen stated.

This study was on patients with intermediate to high-risk prostate cancer. CPC recommends for patient’s to always consult with their physicians regarding all treatment options.

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