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Create Awareness

Create Awareness

Spare Change: Ask your favorite restaurant or local pub to put out a jar for donations of spare change. Decorate it with quotes, pictures, blue ribbons. Anything to get someone’s attention. We’ve even seen port-a-potty piggy banks. Put these out somewhere obvious — you’re sure to get some attention.

Golf Outing/Tournament: Work with a local golf course to plan a charity golf outing. Ask for a specific suggested donation amount to participate and see if you can get prizes donated for the winner of each hole, or the whole course. Are you a die-hard golfer or putt-putt pro? You can raise money while you hit the green by holding a golf tournament at your local range or mini-golf venue. Ask local businesses to sponsor holes and donate prizes. Proceeds from the outing can go to Prostate Cancer Foundation of Chicago.

Happy hour: Ask the owner of your favorite bar if he/she would be willing to donate a portion of all proceeds made during a 2-3 hour event. A “signature drink” is always a fun idea – ask the owner if all proceeds or a portion of the proceeds from that drink can go to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Chicago.

Hold a bowling tournament for co-workers and invite other branches to compete. Create an indoor putt-putt course or other interactive games in your building for fun ways to raise money.

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