Alumni Story: John Aguzino

John Aguzino is a five-year alumni of prostate cancer, and a member of the PCFChicago Board of Directors.

What the Prostate Cancer Foundation means to me:
The Foundation’s work gives men and their families access to cutting-edge research on screenings, prevention, and treatment options. The Foundation’s annual screenings outline a benchmark for men to monitor their health over time and receive customized treatment.

What the support groups mean to me:
Our support groups are all about hope. Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be tough, but sitting in a room filled with others, including 10-year survivors, gives you reassurance. Prostate cancer doesn’t have to bring your life to a standstill.

On the Foundation’s future efforts:
The Foundation’s work should continue to push early awareness and prevention. One in every seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. That’s thousands of brothers, husbands, and friends that we need to commit to educating, especially on the national level. f

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