Free Webinar - the benefits of a whole food plant-based diet

Free Webinar – the Benefits of a Whole Food Plant-Based DIet

In the latest segment of the active surveillance 101 video series, Stacy Loeb, MD, of New York University Langone Health, discusses the role of lifestyle for low-risk prostate cancer patients.

active surveillance Patients International (ASPI) will host the free webinar from 11am to 12:30 p.m. CDT Saturday, Aug. 26.
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Registrants who can’t attend will get a link to the video.

Dr. Loeb will hold a Q&A session.

In the AS 101 series, modeled after a basic college-level course, PCa patient Larry White and his well-informed wife Nancy question experts in the field on top-of-mind issues for patients on AS.

In this segment, urologist Loeb, who is studying to be board certified in lifestyle medicine, shares her research on the role of lifestyle plays in low-risk prostate cancer, including a whole food plant-based diet, exercise, and sleep.

Loeb has followed a plant-based diet for the past three years and is on the cutting edge of research on lifestyle issues and prostate cancer.

One of the first things I asked my urologist when I was diagnosed with low-risk prostate cancer 13 years ago was whether I should follow a special diet.

He said there was no proof at that time that I should.

But Loeb’s research has shown a new way with a plant-based diet.

Loeb, who herself has followed a plant-based diet for the past three years, shares her research and answers questions, including these:

  • How difficult is it to stay on a plant-based diet (or any other diet) for a long period?
  • What role can a spouse or partner play?
  • What is the best place to start?
  • Do you see PSA levels drop with dietary intervention?
  • Do you ever see lesions found by MRI resolve due to a dietary change?
  • Are your findings relevant only for patients who have been diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer? What about patients with more advanced disease? 
  • Can diet prevent cancer?
  • How important is exercise for our overall health? How much exercise is recommended?
  • How important is sleep for our overall health?

In the active surveillance 101 series, the Whites interview the experts on major issues in prostate cancer, such as what to do when you have a rising PSA, what role imaging plays, and what to do about genetic testing. To view the series, go to:

AS 101 is a project of the AS Coalition, including ASPI, the AS Virtual Support Group from AnCan, the Prostate Cancer Research Institute, Prostate Cancer Support Canada, the Walnut Foundation, and Substack newsletter.

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