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Free Webinar: Prostate Imaging: The Leading Edge with Andres Correa, MD

On May 27th at noon, we will present Prostate Imaging: The Leading Edge with Dr. Andres Correa of Fox Chase Cancer Center. Two of our board members engage Dr. Correa as their urologist by virtue of his gentle manner and listening spirit. He administers micro-ultrasound imaging, which has been found to complement MRI results.

This is our next episode of the active surveillance 101 video series, and it features our intrepid researchers, PCa patient Larry White and his savvy wife Nancy White, discussing a wide range of topics relevant to prostate imaging, with their insightful questions, to boot, in an office visit setting! 

After the video, there will be a live Q and A with moderated by our ASPI Board members. For detailed information on Dr. Correa, visit  And for one of the latest studies on micro-ultrasound imaging, click here:

AS 101, like an introductory college course, was launched in 2022 to explain in short video chats the basics of active surveillance for the newly diagnosed, those in the “gray zone” with rising PSAs but no biopsy confirming the presence of low-risk cancer, and also patients who have been on AS for a while but are looking for a refresher course and new information!  

The full AS 101 series to date may be viewed at:

Special thanks to ASPI (active surveillance Patients International) for hosting this great topic of discussion.

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