Dr. Moran Comments on Ryne Sandberg’s Cancer Announcement

On Monday, January 22nd, Ryne Sandberg, the Hall of Fame second baseman for the Chicago Cubs, announced that he was being treated for metastatic prostate cancer. In a month that has seen prostate cancer cases in King Charles of England and US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, and the cause of death of Dexter King, the son of Martin Luther King, Jr., it’s time men took this more seriously.

1 out of every 8 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime, and men should be on the lookout for an elevated PSA by getting tested at the age of 45 – or earlier if there is history of prostate cancer in the family.

Dr. Moran was grateful for Sandberg’s public announcement because it casts light on the disease and may inspire others to get themselves checked on an annual basis.

For the story and interview in it’s entirety on CBS Channel 2, click here. To get more information on how to get screened for prostate cancer, click here.

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